Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before Hiring Them

Moving involves a lot of things and the moving company you choose for the job can determine whether or not you’re going to have a stress-free experience.

The biggest decision one needs to make at this time is the moving company to hire. This is what makes the difference between an enjoyable, uneventful move and a stressful and frustrating move. So you don’t want to let a moving company do a walk-through of your residential property, before finding out key things about them.

The best way to determine which moving company can provide you with what you want is to ask questions. While you can ask just about anything and raise all your concerns, the following questions will help you find a company that’s not only dependable but is committed to your service, too. These questions will help you avoid rogue moving companies.

Ask about the Company’s History and Staff

This question is about how long the moving company has been in business and their experience in the moving and transportation industry. You also want to find out how the company recruits their staff. Do they perform background checks on their staff? You want to understand and know the people who will move your belongings.

Are they willing to provide you with an on-site, in-person estimate?

The only way someone can determine how difficult or costly the job will be by coming and seeing your home. A reputable moving company should send their sales staff to do an on-site estimate. If possible, they should go to your new home or ask more about it so they can know if they might encounter any problems while transporting or delivering your belongings. Stay away from any moving company that sees give estimates based on cubic feet. Usually, an estimate should be based on the distance and weight. Some movers may charge per hour, especially for shorter distances.

Do they Subcontract to Smaller Companies?

Find out whether the company will handle everything or they use subcontractors. Knowing this upfront is important. If they’ll be using a subcontractor, let them provide you with the subcontractor’s details. Transparency is key. If they’re not willing to share this information, there’s a problem. Once they’ve provided the information, follow up with the subcontractor and ensure they’ll provide quality service.

Ask About Insurance and Hidden or Additional Costs

What are their insurance terms for your move? Find out what is covered by the insurance. You might consider purchasing additional insurance, but find out how much is the company’s insurance coverage for. Don’t assume that the amount of your free estimate is the only thing you’re going to pay. Ask the company if they have any additional charges. Additional charges, in this case, may include transportation and fuel surcharges if it’s in a remote area, storage-in-transit fees, and warehouse handling fees. You can avoid these additional charges by preparing your new house and making sure it’s ready.

Do you have References

Another question to ask is on references. In most cases, if you have a business, you would want to check an employee’s reference before hiring him or her. The same applies to a moving company. You can’t just entrust your personal belongings and valuables to a company without asking for references and confirming the quality of their service.